Private Medical Advice

Ensure you get the right medical care for you

We have access to a comprehensive range of health insurance options created individually to suit your needs and budget.

Personal Healthcare

We have access to a wide range of health insurance and healthcare packages to ensure you get the most suitable medical care for you. If the worst happens and you fall ill, we want you to get the treatment you need as soon as possible. You choose the cover you want, and with our guidance, we can choose suppliers from the whole of market and create a plan to suit you and your budget.

Business Healthcare

Our lifestyle health insurance packages are perfect for businesses and business people. We will get you access to the most appropriate health care and we’ll be with you during your recovery every step of the way.

Corporate Healthcare

We understand that we need to provide our corporate clients with flexible comprehensive cover, with benefits and features that you can choose from in order to create a healthcare package that suits the requirements you have for your business.

Our Financial Partners

To make sure the advice and service you receive from your healthcare provider is to a standard you expect, we have access to the whole of the market, allowing us to choose a healthcare provider and product that suits you. The healthcare providers we work with tend to only work with a select few advisors, meaning we have a great relationship with your healthcare provider, with honest and open communication so you can rest assured.

So put your faith in us and get in touch with by either calling 01685 707 000 or by requesting a call back for a free initial consultation with one of our Mortgage Advisors. We can give you the advice that you need both now and for your future financial plans. It may be the most important, money-saving call you make. We would be glad to help, in any way possible.