New research suggests £116bn of interest-only mortgage debt is due to mature in the next eight years, with no repayment vehicle or strategy in place.

Equity release at a glance

A Lifetime Mortgage is designed to run for the lifetime of the customer although there are options to repay early. There are no monthly payments to make so the interest rolls up, although there is an option to make monthly or voluntary payments.  The customer maintains 100% home ownership and can move the mortgage to another property if they wish or can pay it back at any time.

When the customer passes away, the mortgage plus interest is redeemed from their estate.


  • Youngest person on the deeds is aged 55 or over
  • Live in the home they want to release equity from for at least 6 months of the year
  • Minimum property value of £70,000 usually
  • Minimum release of £10,000 usually

What is it for?

  • Make home improvements and increase its value
  • Help loved ones onto the property ladder
  • To upsize to a more expensive home
  • Gift family & loved ones an early inheritance.
  • Help family plan for a wedding or a new family member.
  • To clear an existing mortgage.
  • Enhance a lifestyle.
  • Realise ambitious travel plans.
  • Boost a business with some capital.


Types of Plans

Roll-up Lifetime Mortgage:

  • Tax free, cash lump sum.
  • No monthly repayment option.
  • Interest and loan paid from your estate when you pass away.

Retirement Mortgage:

  • Same as a normal interest only mortgage but rolls into an Equity Release when the client reaches correct age
  • The younger the client, the higher the LTV
  • For the client on a reasonable retirement income
  • Not ERC approved


Draw-down Lifetime Mortgage:

  • Tax free cash to draw when needed.
  • No monthly repayment option.
  • No Interest on amount held in the reserve account.

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