Moving home

Helping you buy your next home

Known widely as one of the most stressful experiences we undertake during our lifetime, we at Morgan Financial Solutions have worked tirelessly to make the opposite true.

We believe that by having the right mortgage advice and support, including pro-active legal representatives and a strong relationship with market-leading local estate agents, moving home can be an enjoyable and exciting time. We pride ourselves on being able to guide you through each step of the way, from finding out how much you can actually borrow for your home purchase to the day you get your keys and become the proud owner of your new home.

Your dedicated advisor will guide you through areas such as ‘the cost of moving, how to get a valuation on the property you need to sell, what the most appropriate insurance is, and plenty more.

What Next

So you are thinking of buying a new home. There are a number of key things you will need to consider during this time to ensure you get the desired outcome when looking to move. This includes applying for a new mortgage or having us help you move your existing mortgage to your new property.

Money and finances are almost always one of the biggest considerations when it comes to moving. Some of the key questions you may have that we can help you answer include:

  • How much will moving home cost me?
  • How much money can we borrow to help us buy our dream home?
  • Are mortgages difficult to get on some properties?
  • What are there risks I should be looking out for?
  • What do I need to take into account when applying for my mortgage?
  • What insurances will my family and I need to have?
  • What fees are involved in buying a house and arranging a mortgage?
  • What will happen when my mortgage deal ends?
  • Can I move house during my mortgage deal?

Who else will I need:

When you have decided that you want to sell your existing property and will be buying a new home you will need to appoint:

Estate agent:
Arrange a valuation of your existing property. Your objective should always be to get the right price in the shortest possible time. The key to achieving this is by selecting the right estate agent.

There are a few key things to consider when picking your estate agent to sell your existing property. Always consider their reputation (check out their Google reviews, Trustpilot, and Facebook reviews too), their services (are they just estate agents or can they take care of everything from removals to legal services?) what are their marketing credentials (do they have inhouse photographers, or just use third parties?) and finally, how friendly and helpful are their staff? As you can see it’s not just about the agent with the most houses and the cheapest fees!

Solicitor / Conveyancer:
Instruct a legal expert that deals with property. Your sale will be reliant on picking an experienced and reputable conveyancer.