Mortgage Advice

Advice from your local mortgage advisors with a wide range of products from High Street Lenders and specialist products not available direct.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, moving to a new house, or looking to save money on your current mortgage, we are here to help you. Morgan Financial Solutions have mortgage advisors located throughout England and Wales ready to provide advice on the most suitable mortgages for you.

The mortgage market can be complicated and confusing. This makes it even harder to understand exactly what is on offer and what will be the right product for you. Not only are there many different providers available, but each provider also has various products and various rates available.

Your dedicated personal mortgage advisor will get in touch and guide you through the process, explain all of your options, and ensure you get the most suitable deal. Morgan Financial Solutions are whole of market mortgage advisors. Therefore, we are able to provide advice on products to suit your specific needs from all across the market. We also take the time to ensure you take any extra costs of the mortgage into account before proceeding.

We can also manage the process of communicating with lenders, moving the process along much faster. Once you have received a mortgage offer, we will talk you through it to guarantee every detail is entirely accurate and that you are happy with what has been offered. The mortgage offer will also need to be fully checked to guarantee there is nothing unexpected in the offer, such as conditions, fees, or charges, including early repayment charges. Your mortgage adviser will help double-check this with you to ensure that the offer you are about to sign up for is exactly the one that you are expecting.

Once the mortgage is in place, you may want to look at mortgage payment protection insurance, or life insurance as well as your buildings insurance. At Morgan Financial Solutions, we can offer you various insurance and protection policies to keep your income, property, family and much more protected.

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By using Morgan Financial Solutions, you get your own dedicated specialist to manage the process and give you peace of mind.