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Make sure your mortgage, and your home, is protected

Mortgage protection (otherwise known as Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, or MPPI) is a type of insurance that covers the cost of your mortgage payments in the event that you stop working due to an accident, sickness, or redundancy.

Here at MFS our dedicated mortgage and protection advisors are ready to provide you with the right advice on mortgage protection that suits both your needs and budget.

This is an area of finance that is very important, and sometimes can make the difference between you protecting your home and reducing the financial burden of a mortgage should you suffer from an accident, are made redundant or are taken ill. Your dedicated mortgage and protection advisor will work with you to take into account your financial position, and any other contributing factors such as redundancy pay, health etc. to ensure that you get the most suitable deal on your MPPI. This means you have exactly what you need. As we here at MFS are independent mortgage and protection advisors so we are able to scour through the whole of the market to find the right deal for you, this gives our clients the peace of mind that everything is taken care of, giving them the right cover at the right price.

Most of the mortgage protection products out there  will only start to pay out 30-60 days after you have been out of work, and most will not continue to pay out for over a year. These are some of the details that can prove to be crucial things to consider when it comes to ensuring your financial security. Your MFS adviser will work through all of your options with you, including putting together a saving and spending plan if necessary to ensure you have the funds needed to move forward. Mortgage protection can make a huge difference should the worst happen – make sure you’re in the most suitable position if it does.